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Know thy neighbor: Linda Mastandrea

One of the things we love doing at Pillars is to get to know our neighbors. Whether you live or work here in Rogers Park, we’d like to put names to faces because frankly, the more familiar faces we see around us, the tighter the community feels, don’t you think?

Also, as a small business ourselves, we can understand and appreciate the struggles of independent/small business owners and/or entrepreneurs who are trying to make a living by pursuing a passion.

Know Thy Neighbor

Linda and her husband, Jesse Rodriguez, also an entrepreneur himself

And that’s why we came up with the Know-Thy-Neighbor series to feature a fellow independent so they can make their business known to the community. That way, those of us who love supporting local businesses are aware of what is available to us right in our own neighborhood so we can help them succeed!

That being said, we are kicking off our Know-Thy-Neighbor series with Linda Mastandrea who lives right here in Rogers Park.

Linda is an athlete, attorney and author whose diverse experience makes her an ideal speaker in any events, large or small.

Linda is the embodiment of Teddy Roosevelt’s, “With self-discipline most anything is possible.”

Diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy at the age of three, Linda didn’t compete in sports growing up, but she learned about wheelchair sports and disability advocacy in college, and went on to set national, world and Paralympic records numerous times during her career!

If you’re looking for a speaker to give your group some motivation and a little jolt, she may be just the person you need. Learn more about Linda’s amazing story on her website.

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Would you like to be the next Neighbor? Just email us and let us know your story. If you are a right fit, we would love to feature you and your business.


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  1. I’m proud to say that Linda’s a friend of mine whom I told about Pillars at a recent dinner. Yeah, she’s spectacular. She and her husband Jesse live in my cousins’ building. It’s so nice to see this mention. Darryl.

    • So glad to see that Linda is among friend heres. We have no doubt that she’s a wonderful neighbor and friend in our community. And thanks so much for your comment, too, Darryl!

  2. What a great choice! We are Linda’s neighbors,and feel tremendously fortunate to be able to see her and share her knowledge every day.

    • Thanks Marty – we feel fortunate ourselves to be in a community where people are so supportive of each other. Linda is quite an inspiration. It’s nice to know that Rogers Park is diverse in so many ways.


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