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Know thy neighbor: Smith & Edwards

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We’re pleased to introduce this month’s neighbors in our Know Thy Neighbor Series: Mike Smith and Jeff Edwards, a.k.a. Smith & Edwards.

Mike plays guitar in an original Blues/Rock band called Blue Line that will be launching this Summer ( Jeff is the lead singer in a Southern Rock cover band called Whiskey Hill ( Jeff and Mike met online due to a mutual admiration for Irish guitarist/singer Rory Gallagher.

In December 2011, Jeff was offered an acoustic gig at a Wicker Park bar called The Southern, and asked Mike if he’d be interested in doing the show with him. He agreed, and Smith & Edwards was formed (

In addition to The Southern, they’ve also played at Salt Creek Wine Bar, The Elbo Room Cocktail Lounge, and now, Pillars Social Cafe in May (tomorrow in fact!). As they continue performing together, they’ve been adding Blues and Rockabilly tunes to their set.

If you’re wondering just what that sounds like, come check them out tomorrow at 6pm. Get a chance to support your local musicians and take in some acoustic Blues and Rockabilly while you’re at it.

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